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Coming to Haute-Loire is to think outside the box, but why do we like it so much?

- Volcanic landscapes shaped by water, earth and fire. There are over 300 volcanoes in the region. - 50 shades and variations of green in forests, hills, meadows ... which allow a multitude of possible outdoor activities. - Clean air: two thirds of the Haute Loire are located at an altitude of over 800m and the air is really of very good quality. You can breathe fresh air in this region or cool off in the wild rivers and their clear waters. - Generous regional products: honey, jam, green lentils, cheeses or even beers… to find in the markets and at home!

The villages

The Haute-Loire is rich in various villages ... Come and discover the creative village of Blesle, its half-timbered houses, its summer market and its craft beers. A fortified village, Auzon and its medieval remains, its courtyards and terraced gardens and its collegiate church. The volcanic village of Arlempdes, backed by a basalt peak and offering a superb castle. A natural village, Pradelles, where all the hiking trails can be found, such as the Stevenson, the Régordane or the Chemin des Sources and the Gorges de l'Allier. A paleo-geological village, Chilhac, a small town of character built on a lava flow and perched on the volcanic organs overlooking the Allier river. The romantic village of Lavaudieu, where there is a cloister and a special atmosphere. The prehistoric village of Saint-Pal-de-Chalençon, a fortified wall once frequented by Neolithic men. A flowered village, Saint-Paulien, which received a ``golden flower``.

The paths

2 routes pass in front of the hotel: the Sources and Gorges de l'Allier hike (GR470), wild and varied landscapes, from the valley floor to the Gévaudan and Velay plateaus. This 190km hike can be done in 11 days of walking (11 stages). Also, the VF70, a cycling route.

Some ideas for outings...


In spring, take the Pradelles vélorail, one of the most beautiful villages in France, between the Cévennes and the Gorges de l'Allier, a pleasant and unusual ride in the heart of nature for a couple, family or friends. On the old Transcévenol railway line, a fun and surprising discovery, a route between tunnels and viaducts. Then, the Chemin de Régordane, from Puy en Velay to Saint-Gilles-du-Gard, from the volcanoes of Auvergne to the Mediterranean: holy way in the Middle Ages, one of the most majestic and most savagely grandiose, among the paths of France, was certainly already one of the sacred routes of Antiquity. Thematic circuits with volcanic and poetic itinerancy in the villages of Moudeyres, Laussonne, Goudet, Salettes, Saint Martin de Fugères, Alleyrac and Chadron. The Rocher de Queyrières in the heart of the juices of Meygal. The basaltic organs of Prades.


Canoe Rafting du Val d'Allier: Rafting or 'hot dog', supervised by professionals from the Allier gorges, descent on an inflatable boat that can accommodate 4 to 7 people. Playful route with thrilling passages, between Monistrol and Prades. - White Water Day: Rafting descent in the morning then free canoe-kayak hike in the afternoon, between Le Pradel and Langeac. - Canoe-kayak course, between 5km and 32km. - Canoe-kayak trips, from 2 to 7 days, departure from Prades and last stage in Orbeil (up to 105km). - Paddle board rental at the Chilhac lake. Admire the stars at the Betz Observatory in St-Julien-Chapteuil, observe raptors in the Loire Gorges, cool off at the Cascade de Souteyras or Lac de Saint Front, ride a mountain bike on the 22 circuits of the 'Mézenc-Loire-Meygal mountain biking area, follow in the footsteps of Stevenson (GR70) or take a tour of Mézenc-Gerbier.


In the fall, discover the Gorges de l'Allier, majestic landscapes by tourist train. The Grande Traversée from Langeac to Langogne - The volcanic villages of Langeac to Monistrol-d'Allier - Discovery walks from Monistrol-d'Allier to Langogne and from Pont-d'Alleyras to Langogne. Take the Via Fluvia, greenway and cycle route, an old railway line. Pick blackberries, porcini mushrooms, boletus and chanterelles, cross the villages of Moudeyres and Bigorre. Colorado canyons at Ravins de Corboeuf (Rosières) Canadian autumns at Lac du Bouchet. The alleys of Tuscany, the colorful houses and the facades influenced by the Italian Renaissance in Puy-en-Velay and Brioude.


Admire the snow-capped expanses of Lapland on the Mézenc plateau. Ice rink in Lantriac / Alpine ski resort in Mézenc (1350 - 1691m): 9 slopes, Nordic area: 8 runs / 52km / Meygal: Nordic area (1250 - 1410m): 4 runs / 44km

The lakes

- Lac de Lavalette: swimming, pedalo, paddle, canoe, rowing, electric bike, sailing ... 220ha of pure water. - Lac du Bouchet: crater lake of volcanic origin. Swimming, water craft, electric mountain biking, fishing, children's play area, trail area, hiking and mountain biking trails, rental of electric scooters, Nordic walking and relaxation therapy, supervised swimming. Electrically assisted bicycles and rosalies. - Lac de Grangent: the last wild river in Europe.

The monuments

- Chapel of Montbonnet - Chapel of Saint-Marie-des-Chazes - Benedictine Abbey of Chaise-Dieu: a jewel of Auvergne heritage.

The waterfalls and parks

- The Beaume waterfall: 27m of refreshment tumbles down a flow of basalt. - The dog jump in Aurec-sur-Loire. - The Biodiversity Park in Bas-en-Basset, a paradise for fish and rare birds on 200ha.

The castles

- Château Lafayette is the birthplace of the Marquis de Lafayette, it is located in the heart of a pleasant park, a veritable oasis of greenery with exceptional botanical diversity. Take the time to visit and transport yourself to the heart of the 18th century: - The Scottish castles at the Fortress of Polignac or at the castle of Lavoûte-sur-Loire. - Lavoûte-Polignac castle: the first pleasure castle on the banks of the Loire.

Le Puy-en-Velay

The city is the starting point of the 'Via podiensis' towards St Jacques de Compostelle and the Régordane. Discover this exceptional place.

Visit this jewel, city of art and history and city sanctuary, high place of pilgrimage, discover magnificent architectural elements, old residences, a remarkable heritage that invites us to go back in time ... Le Puy en Velay is also a city in the heart of nature surrounded by 3 Regional Natural Parks and famous for its PDO lenses and its bobbin lace.
Some ideas: - Climb to the top of a volcanic chimney at Rocher Saint-Michel d'Aiguilhe: - Feel the growth of wings at Notre Dame de France Cathedral after having climbed the 134 steps. - Head in the stars at 22m, at the Statue of Notre Dame de France erected on the Rocher Corneille. It weighs 835 tonnes and offers a 360 ° panorama - Ballooning: montgolfiè

The GR3

The Gorges de la Loire: The longest river in France; the angel's circle in Cussac-sur-Loire; feeling like you're in the middle of nowhere. It all starts at the source, at Mont Gerbier de Jonc on the Massif du Mézenc. A grandiose 360 ° spectacle. 180km from Mont Gerbier-de-Jonc to the Grangent dam (7 to 10 days).

The Via Ferrata

``Le Puy des Juscles`` in Le Pertuis: there you will find a Himalayan net, footbridges, a zip line, a beam or even an underground passage. The sports course takes place on a volcanic eruption dating back 12 million years. Up there, the view is breathtaking sweeping the Velay and Mézenc bridges.

Volcanic Velay

The VTT-FFC site of the Pays de Cayres-Pradelles Community of Communes is an ideal way to discover the volcanic Velay plateau between the Gorges de la Loire and the Allier. Different circuits suitable for all levels are offered on more than 400km of marked routes.

Trip to the Cévennes

On Robert Louis Stevenson's path, the GR70: from Puy en Velay to Langogne, it offers hikers the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of this Scottish adventurer in love with France ... Responsible tourism, in the past Stevenson discovered a unique territory, rich in diverse and varied landscapes, unspoiled nature, a remarkable history and heritage and human encounters of all kinds. This hike can be organized by yourself or by a professional, on your own or accompanied, alone, in a group or with the family, on foot, with or without a donkey, on a mountain bike or on horseback.

Discoveries by bike

L'Autre Chemin has specially designed turnkey stays, itineraries offering a wide variety of landscapes, traversing small picturesque roads or accessible paths to offer you a new and real experience of discovery of the Haute-Loire but also on the Stevenson path. Logbooks adapted to your desires, telephone assistance if necessary, quality and maintained bicycles, a trip in freedom.


Wolves of Gévaudan: Discover the 5 subspecies, wolves of Canada, Mongolia, Poland, Siberia and the Arctic. A magnificent setting in the foothills of Aubrac. Guided tours, exhibitions, meetings with raptors. Les bisons d’Europe : soyez les témoins privilégiés d’un moment de vie sauvage, dépaysement garanti au coeur de la Margeride. Sur plus de 200ha d’espaces naturels forestiers, venez vous imprégner du mode de vie du bison d’Europe, animal préhistorique exterminé après la guerre et réintroduit dans la nature, en Pologne, après la seconde guerre mondiale. Visite d’une heure en calèche sous la conduite d’un guide.


Some additional activities to delight young and old!

- Velay Express, pretty steam train: - Canoe between Chapeauroux and Alleyras: - Go down the Monts du Forez by mountain bike and come back by train: 35km from Chaise-Dieu in the middle of the Livradois Regional Natural Park -Forez. Arrived in Ambert we board a train of yesteryear, a railcar from the 1960s perfect for contemplating the landscapes. - Paddling where the salmon come up: a wild and exceptional river, ideal for rafting and canoeing - Fishing day and night: exploring the 3300km of wild rivers of Haute-Loire, fishing for carp on the ponds of Bas-en-Basset: / /
You can fly to the clouds with a paraglider, a hot-air balloon, be propelled by electric energy with an electric scooter or mountain bike, the Segway, the overboard, or even the gyro. You can slide hair in the wind with a wakeboard, or a two-seater buoy in Sauges, with a zip line in Chamalières-sur-Loire, sledging even without snow at, aboard a vélorail to explore the landscapes Pradelles volcanics: You can climb to the top by climbing at Rocher de Lempdes-sur-Allagnon, Roche Pointue in Chaudeyrolles and Roches de Fay-sur-Lignon. 7 acrobatic parks await you in the middle of the forests of Haute-Loire.